Tori - 23 - they/them

I love making character-driven comics about wholesome queer romance and exploration of found family. These stories are dear to my heart, and I tell them to add to the varied LGBTQ+ representation I didn't have access to as a teen.

Scroll down to see samples from my most recent completed comics, or click to see my illustration and webcomic portfolios:

Iyona Meets the SKY

A girl falls in love with a goddess and has no idea what to do. Completed for 24 Hour Comic Book Day 2019. 5.5 x 8.5, ballpoint pen, paint marker, ink wash. Rated PG.

Treading, not Running

Rat has 2,085 miles to sort out their reservations about selling a lost robot for drugs. Things don't go as planned. 64 page college thesis. Black and white. Teen+

Autobio Shorts

Two incredibly personal five-page comics submitted for different community projects. All ages.

Iyona Meets the SKY

Iyona Book Image

Iyona Meets the SKY (2019)
24 hour comic day was a very fun but painful marathon. I was thankful to be surrounded by amazing creative friends while making this comic, and would love to continue the story one day!
Signed paperbacks available through my shop.

Treading, not Running

Treading, not Running book image.

Treading, not Running (2018)
Special thanks to my senior thesis advisor David F. Walker for helping bring this whole project together! The paperback is available through Radiator Comics.

Autobio Shorts

Autobio sample panel 1.

Slow but Steady (2019)
Digital submission for the Trans Validity zine, published at Portland State University during pride month.

Autobio sample panel 2

Self Insert (2019)
Mixed media, Honorable Mention winner at Lakewood Festival for the Arts, part of the Comics and Identity special exhibit.

Illustration Portfolio

Webcomic Portfolio